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Anhydous Cupric Chloride Suppliers in Mumbai India

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include anhydrous cupric chloride and cupric chloride dihydrate.

We offer Anhydrous Cupric Chloride. We have created a niche in the industries and are manufacturing Cupric Chloride Anhydrous of good quality. The applications are catalysts in pharma and agro industries and also to manufacture dyes. We aim to fulfill customers’ demands to the utmost extent.

Specifications of Anhydrous Cupric Chloride:

Appearance Fine Brownish Powder
Assay 97.00 % (min)
Copper 45.80%
Cuprous Chloride 0.05 % (max)
Free Moisture 0.50 % (max)
Water Insoluble 0.10 % (max)
Iron 0.10 % (max)
Sulphate 0.06 % (max)
Lead 10 PPM (max)
Arsenic 10 PPM (max)
Zinc 20 PPM (max)
Nickel 20 PPM (max)